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Big 5 Canadian Bank



StrataPrime designed and securely deployed a Google Workspace solution at a “big 5” Canadian bank. We solved complex Microsoft interoperability challenges using our deep understanding and experience with platform coexistence. StrataPrime resolved the bank’s concerns about security through expert product knowledge, demonstration, and education. A successful proof of concept, and, ultimately, a production implementation of Google Workspace resulted.

The Challenge

Many security organizations in large Financial Services companies, like the bank, are working with outdated and often false information about Workspace security, privacy, and compliance capabilities. StrataPrime had to prove that Google Workspace Enterprise Plus would meet the same criteria as Microsoft M365. In the end, StrataPrime was successful and a TRA was approved. This cleared the path for Google Workspace as an approved Cloud application at the bank.

The Solution

StrataPrime worked with the bank’s security and compliance teams, along with the executive sponsor’s team, to identify all of the requirements that needed to be met. We carefully documented exactly how Google Workspace Enterprise Plus met each criteria as outlined by the bank’s security requirements. We used our expertise and a proof of concept deployment on a test domain to clearly demonstrate compliance against each of the bank’s criteria. The output was a document that was able to stand strict scrutiny and satisfy a 3rd party security audit. This cleared the hurdle for a Google Workspace deployment using the production domain.

The Result

Google Workspace was deployed to a significant number of the bank’s employees without any security incidents or coexistence challenges. As a result of adopting Google Workspace, the bank became much more desirable as an employer to the next generation of talent.

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