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The Company

StrataPrime helps businesses accelerate, transform, and secure technology in a Digital age. We bring value back into consulting. StrataPrime is a new breed of consulting and services company focused on Cloud-based business enablement technologies. We were born in the Cloud with no ties to legacy technologies and methods that no longer work. We specialize in helping companies remove the shackles of traditional IT. Our core services are centred on Technology Spend Optimisation, including Technology Business Management (TBM), as well as Digital Workplace Transformation and Cybersecurity/Risk Management. StrataPrime is a global company with offices in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Meet Our Directors


Paul Melnyk Founder, President & CEO
Paul Melnyk
Penny Woolley VP, Strategic Consulting
Penny Woolley
Andrew Livingstone Partner & VP, Service Delivery
Andrew Livingstone
Rob Ivany Senior Partner, Financial Services
Rob Ivany

UK & Europe

Nick Francis Director, Digital & Mobile Consulting
Nick Francis
Colin Woodford Director, Infrastructure Transformation
Colin Woodford
Dominik Ferrara Director of Sales
Dominik Ferrara
Jesse Lee Chief Digital Officer
Jesse Lee

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