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Google Meet Series One:
The Future of Work



The future of work is a hybrid model with some employees working from a centralized location, and others from their home office, potentially anywhere, globally. Home office employees may also be expected to work from a company location certain days per week. It is more important than ever for organizations to have the right tools in place to make meetings inclusive, productive and a high-quality experience for all employees no matter where they are working from.

What is Google Meet Series One?

Google Meet Series One is a next generation video conferencing solution that goes beyond connecting rooms; Google Meet Series One connects people. With a Google Meet Series One hardware kit installed in a meeting space, all employees are ensured of a great and productive experience thanks to the integration with Google Meet and Google’s AI powered audio and video processing. Remote employees can have the same immersive experience as those participants located in the physical meeting space.

What are the main benefits of Google Meet Series One?

  • Innovative and immersive meeting experiences that help people feel like they’re working together, not just meeting together
  • High quality audio and video driven by Google’s AI provides an in-person experience allowing every participant to be heard, and all ideas shared
  • Present, save, and share ideas with visual, interactive collaboration with Jamboard built-in (digital whiteboard)
  • Join ‘jams’ from anywhere, on virtually any device with a screen
  • Intelligent and easy to use connection and interface gets meetings started quickly with no frustration or need for IT help
  • Available in 27” and 65” screen sizes to fit in just about any meeting space

What organizations and teams can benefit the most from Google Meet Series One?

All organizations with Google Workspace or Google Workspace Essentials can benefit from the Google Series One platform. The integrated Jamboard experience (digital whiteboard) can also drive additional visual and interactive collaboration benefits for agile development teams, product development, and creative teams like Marketing.

Why does my organization need Google Meet Series One?

Employees need to meet to solve problems and drive the mission and vision of the organization forward. With hybrid work environments, it is more critical than ever to have video conferencing and collaboration solutions that work for everyone, in a high quality way, regardless of the location people are participating from.

How can I learn more about Google Meet Series One?

Contact StrataPrime at the form below. Our sales specialists are experts at providing meeting solutions, big or small. We can provide you with a jump start to maximize the effectiveness of your hybrid work model.

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