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Secure G Suite Deployment in a Microsoft Stronghold Industry

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The legal industry has unique challenges that make it difficult to quickly adopt new technologies. These challenges are as a result of the need to balance innovation and cost savings against protecting client privacy and confidentiality.

The growing acceptance of cloud-based technology solutions has caused legal firms to take a fresh look at innovation, and at Google G Suite. Many firms have come to realize that the security and privacy capabilities of the Cloud now eclipse their internal capability. This has opened the door to improved services to clients, partners and the day to day operations of the firm. Established firms are seeing a dramatic cost savings along with improved service and satisfaction with their technology services. Some firms have even seen billables increase as the result of a competitive advantage enabled by easy to use and ubiquitous technology. Startup legal firms are going directly to the Cloud completely bypassing traditional technology solutions.

The Challenge

A global law firm required a full suite of technology services to transform its law practice. Cost, speed to market, data security, privacy, ubiquitous access, and ease of use were the critical requirements that a solution needed to address. The scope of services included productivity tools (email, calendar, secure voice/video chat, messaging, file storage and collaboration) as well accounting and document management solutions.

Our Solution

As a leader in secure Cloud-enabled business solutions by Google, StrataPrime designed and implemented a complete suite of secure integrated Cloud solutions to manage every aspect of the firm’s practice. Data security and privacy were the foundation of every design decision and a criteria for every tool selected. The solutions implemented work together to provide secure access to company and client data from anywhere, and at any time. This dramatically increased the productivity of lawyers and administrative support staff.

The Result

StrataPrime provided the advisory services, expertise and ability to execute that enabled this law firm to launch its practice on a secure foundation of Cloud-based technology solutions. This low cost and secure technology platform has allowed this firm to compete for and win clients while earning higher margins on its billable services.
StrataPrime provides ongoing advisory services and technology support to ensure that the firm maintains its competitive advantage and continues to grow its practice.

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