Case study

Cost-effective, Scalable, Agile: A Complete Digital Transformation

Not-for-profit recycling organisation Canada, United States

Customer Profile

An industry-led, not-for-profit organization operating regulated recycling programs across Canada.

The Challenge

As an industry-led entity, the need for transparency while maintaining data security is paramount. The growth of the industry is increasing, and the Organization is in need of a solution that can scale to meet its demand, as well as provide data security, file storage, and productivity solutions while adhering to a strict budget.

Our Solution

Breaking the chains of traditional physical IT architectures, StrataPrime designed and implemented a complete digital transformation from the ground up. Digitizing telephony, CRM, accounting, servers and everything in between, StrataPrime opted for zero physical architecture and introduced G Suite to provide a complete, secure, integrated digital solution, allowing employees to collaborate and communicate securely – anywhere and at any time.  

The Result

Not only did StrataPrime meet its objective of creating an agile, scalable, digital workspace, it created a complete office mobilization strategy – the Organization now has the ability to be fully mobilized in the event of disaster where their brick-and-mortar location is no longer available, with zero interruption to operations, thanks to the complete digitalization solution provided. The now empty server closet and records room have been transformed into usable office space, increasing productivity levels per square foot.

Perhaps most importantly, the solution was implemented on a standard IT budget, coming in at approximately 2% of revenue.

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