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A Top 3 UK Bank Canada

Customer Profile

A leading UK credit card retailer with over 10 million customers in the UK issuing one in five credit cards in the UK linked with a UK Bank both headquartered in London.

The Challenge

The credit card retailer’s historic remote site and pop up branch customer on boarding toolset was a combination of paper based and offline form completion (Laptop). This added around 2 hours per day of manual administration to sales staff and was seen as an outdated sales practice when customer facing.

The challenge was to digitise the process making it more engaging for the customer and empowering sales staff to complete application forms in real time using a Tablet device. The goal, to increase productivity and sales figures to generate greater revenue from the same work force.

Our Solution

The StrataPrime team designed and built a solution based on the SalesForce Customer Relationship Management app hosted on an Apple iPad. Once tested and approved following a successful pilot the team deployed over 500 iPads to customer facing staff responsible for selling credit card products at remote sites such as Service Stations and Sporting events. The mobile CRM deployment included, account creation, device activation, end user training and post deployment support.

The ongoing Service Management and Support of the “SalesForce” solution was wrapped into the already existing function that was set up by the StrataPrime team as part of an earlier 8500 tablet deployment to the Credit Card Companies Retail Banking arm.

The Result

The Credit Card Retailer remains the leading credit card retailer in the UK and are now an industry leader in the mobile space. A headline achievement from this project was sales staff doubling their sales figures using the tablet solution compared to the previous paper based solution

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