Case study

Lockdown: Securing Cloud-Based Infrastructure and Services

Not-for-profit recycling organisation Canada

Customer Profile

An industry-led, not-for-profit organization operating regulated recycling programs across Canada. Headquartered in the Greater Toronto Area with employees spanning the country.   

The Challenge

In a world of widely-publicized security breaches, it’s a constant struggle to stay out of the headlines; hackers are bold and corporate security isn’t improving at the speed at which the threats are evolving, leaving a company’s infrastructure – and reputation – hanging in the balance. Data protection is paramount.       

Our Solution

By completing a detailed Threat Risk Assessment, StrataPrime was able to identify areas of vulnerability as well as design and implement a comprehensive security solution including annual security reviews, regular penetration testing through all access points, social engineering tests of call centre procedures, as well as installing dongle-based proximity security measures on management and executive-issue laptops. As the organization had already previously underwent a complete digital transformation with StrataPrime’s expertise, the securitization solution provided eliminated the need for physical hardware and tied in with the existing cloud-based infrastructure.

The Result

Since implementation, StrataPrime continues to manage the Organization’s security processes – not only meeting but exceeding its privacy and compliance requirements.

Through disciplined review, the Organization is able to remediate issues at onset and is tightening the proverbial net with every review and potential attack. Because of the absence of physical infrastructure, the Organization now has the ability to be fully mobilized in the event of disaster where their brick-and-mortar location is no longer available, with zero interruption to operations.  

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