Transformation Execution

The Strategic Gap

Organisations receive advisory services from external consultants to identify inefficiencies, propose target operating models and benchmark the organisation against its peers. Investments in such services can be very costly. Despite this, there is often a lack of coherent thinking or a coordinated effort to take this advice forward, along with all other technical debt, for it to be prioritised accordingly and execution started.

It is recognised that there are commonly three key enablers for IT transformation:

  1.     Top-down direction setting to create focus throughout an organisation and develop the conditions for sustainable performance improvement.
  2.     Broad-based, bottom-up performance improvement to get people at all levels to take a fresh approach to solving problems and improving performance.
  3.     Cross-functional core process redesign to link activities, functions, and information in new ways to achieve breakthrough improvements in cost, quality, and timeliness

Despite possessing these transformation enablers, a strategic gap often exists between these enablers as the execution and ideation has been left solely to the sub towers with in the CITO organisation, resulting in differing levels of success where speed of delivery is the biggest concern. Instead, the teams at point of delivery should be allowed to focus solely on delivering change once a strategic plan has been developed and agreed, all planning and coordination should be supported and accelerated by transformation engine allowing the operational director to focus on running their organisation.

To address this, StrataPrime have developed the Transformation Factory: A central coordination engine driving change and support delivery in a consistent and structured way will be key to any acceleration.

Your Transformation Factory

This level of transformational change can’t be done in a vacuum or in parallel away from the production side of a business. It must be integrated in a single team model so that the production and run parts of IT can directly inform the change and transformation side and vice versa. It’s only by working this way can sustained and ongoing transformation be achieved. An effective transformation execution comprises of:

  • Delivery Specialists: Ready made teams of senior leaders, delivery specialists, technical consultants, commercial leads, IT Finance SMEs and Business / Data Analyst combined with an extensive catalogue of tried and tested methods and models to help accelerate even the most complex of IT transformation.
  • Technology Funding: Fund your technology transformation through a range of flexible and tailored financing options such as leasing or hire purchasing.
  • Factory Process & Methodology: A robust and agile central coordination engine that deploys “sprint” methodologies and drives alignment between business top-down direction setting and bottom-up performance management.

By using this insight, witnessed time and time again in organisations in which StrataPrime or our partners have worked, we are able to offer a solution that is a market first, consisting of a blend of transformation delivery, cross team coordination and cultural change through the use of our ‘Astute Way’ and ‘Sprint’ methodologies.

We provide Action, not just Advice

StrataPrime consultants come equipped with the tools, expertise and tried and tested methods to implement effective transformation execution, which would deliver:

  • Cost Optimisation (Defined & Repeatable): Target 10 % ~ 30% (Av. 25%*)
  • Process & Service Improvement: Documented and defined metrics
  • Strengthened Controls (Frameworks & Reporting): Rigour & Discipline improving operational grip
  • Enhanced Governance & Leadership: 360 Degree alignment and integration Servant Leadership
  • Cultural Change: Tried and tested Astute Way (Engage, Enforce & Embed)
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