The Trusted Advisor


Trusted Advisor Objectives

  • To support technology leaders in shaping and delivering on their mission
  • To be the ultimate on-demand problem solver and call to action group
  • To provide access to a wealth of experience gained from working with both large and small organizations
  • To provide a safe but effective way to challenge status-quo thinking
  • To enable strategic thinking through regular sessions with identified stakeholders
  • To provide on-demand advice from resources with relevant expertise


On-demand Capabilities

  • Flexible, affordable and low risk with minimal commitments
  • Lend additional credibility and support to key decisions
  • Add insight and an impartial view to supplier meetings
  • Rescue projects that have slipped or have gone “sideways”
  • Support innovation with a viewpoint from outside the organization

Your Trusted Advisor can help facilitate interim or additional coverage for these leadership profiles either individually or for multiple roles at a time.

  • CISO
  • VP, Infrastructure
  • COO (Tech)
  • CIO
  • CTO
  • VP, Application Development
  • VP, Workspace Technology
  • VP, Digital Innovation
  • VP, Data Centre & Networks
  • VP, Platforms & Data
  • Corporate Communications (Technology)
  • VP, Technology Sourcing
  • Head of Technology Business Management (TBM)
  • Head of IT Financial Management (ITFM)

Flexible Terms

Trusted Advisors are commonly used to: address a temporary management capacity gap, facilitate strategic planning, help initiate large programs, help drive innovation, analyze business processes, provide health checks and second opinions, conduct supplier RFPs, and to help manage 3rd party providers.

  • A guaranteed number of hours per month
  • A guaranteed number of onsite days
  • Flexibility to increase the number of monthly hours at a predetermined rate
  • Discounts on all StrataPrime products and services
  • Use of StrataPrime’s memberships and specialized research accounts


Case Studies

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Paul Melnyk
Founder, President & CEO
Andrew Livingstone
Principal Architect, Google Cloud
Penny Woolley
VP, Digital Workplace Solutions
Rob Ivany
VP, Customer Success

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