What is TBM?

Technology Business Management (TBM) is the practical, applied discipline for maximising the business value of IT spend.  TBM bring together the best practices of financial and performance management supporting fact-based decision-making to drive down costs and improve service efficiency.

Why do you need Technology Business Management (TBM)?

TBM enables CIOs and IT Executives manage and communicate the cost, quality and value of Technology Services to the business. By looking at technology from the business perspective IT leaders can tackle their technology run-costs to increase business value and innovation funding.

TBM allows technology leaders to reduce cost without reducing service quality, increase cost transparency and align technology spend with business priorities through collaborative budgeting and planning.


TBM drives IT transformation

TBM drives IT transformation

  • TBM provides the facts and insights to drive Application Rationalisation, Infrastructure Rationalisation, Cloud Adoption and Digital Transformation
  • These technology changes provide significant benefits, but can prove to be a challenge for IT and business alike. Organisations often struggle to mobilise delivery to realise the full transformation potential.

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TBM Provides Technology Value Transparency

TBM Provides Technology Value Transparency

  • Business Units can struggle to see the full business value of technology. Unclear allocation of technology costs and unclear cost levers can lead to excessive and poorly controlled accurate view of Technology Services costs and value.

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TBM Controls Technology Costs

TBM Controls Technology Costs

  • Without control Technology run costs can crowd out innovation; IT cannot justify investments and Technology costs can start to spiral out of control.
  • TBM creates cost transparency allowing you to translate your spending, consumption and capacity into meaningful perspectives for both business and technology decision makers to take action on.

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TBM Increases Agility

TBM Increases Agility

  • Historically business consumers and technology service owners have not been empowered to manage their technology value. In some business units have created their own shadow IT organisation.
  • TBM bridges the gaps of poor data accuracy and accountability overcoming long budget and forecast cycles. Allowing IT to both defend their budgets and show factual benefits.

The 3 Main Challenges and Initial Thoughts of TBM


"TBM sounds great, but where do we start? We don’t have people with that experience."

The leading software and framework solution we recommend and are partnered with for TBM is ApptiApptio Logoo.

Apptio have an industry leading standardised model, ATUM (Apptio TBM Unified Model), in use by 200+ customers.

With an experienced partner you can identify and start to deliver outcomes in as little as 8 weeks. Using our TBM+ Astute Way methodology StrataPrime build on the solid foundation of TBM and Apptio to mobilise and accelerate the delivery of Infrastructure Cost Optimisation and Transformation Change.

Apptio's TMB Solution
Standardized IT Cost Transparency


"My data isn’t good enough for TBM..."

The number one complaint from enterprises working toward IT optimization is that they don’t have reliable, comprehensive data on their IT environment. An IT cost model is only as good as the data that feeds it, but the only way to gather and clean up data is to define what you have and what you need.

Dirty data is a vicious cycle; you can’t achieve cost transparency because you don’t trust your data, and you can’t improve your data without cost transparency. TBM and cost transparency provide tools for eliminating dirty data.


"TBM won’t work, the business won’t buy into it as they don’t understand IT..."

It all starts with transparency. You’ve faced independent-minded or uncooperative business units that undermined or bypassed IT (often for good reason) and your IT reacted instinctively with new policies/controls. Leaving neither happy.

TBM proposes a different way, radical transparency about IT costs, consumption and performance, so that Business Unit Executives can empathize with pressures you face and embrace the economic forces of supply and demand to shape their consumption and costs. Ok, but what does that mean?

  • Enables better prioritization of your IT investments in alignment with business strategy.
  • Optimizes costs from existing services, and allows you to mine savings to pay for new initiatives.
  • Accelerates decisions and improves outcomes through the use of facts and analytics.
  • Engages Business Units in more balanced discussions of cost, performance, risk, and value.

Why StrataPrime?

  • An official European and North American Apptio partner, with a resource pool of qualified Apptio TBM practitioners.
  • We have a track record of accelerating the delivery of TBM success across, including
    • Enabled Transformational Cost reduction to meet £100 million/$140 million+ reduction targets
    • Infrastructure Rationalisation delivery of a 40% reduction of servers (over 5,500 servers) within 2 years.
    • Accelerated Application rationalisation
    • Cloud migration planning and implementation
    • Leadership of cross-functional business and technology group to migrate over 1,000 on-premises servers to off-premises private Cloud with over £15 million/$20 million+ pa. savings

StrataPrime are different to other consultancies with the proven methodology, resources and experience to deliver quick wins in as little as 8 weeks with longer term transformational change delivering higher value strategic reductions.

We bring you award winning success

StrataPrime consultants are each have over 15 years hands-on experience leading award winning infrastructure and cost reduction success

Tried and Tested

We achieve significant results faster using our proven Astute Way methodology taking advantage of existing data and initiatives to transform cost reductions

The StrataPrime Way

Engage, Enforce, Embed. Mobilize, Accelerate, Transform.

Quick Wins Within 8 weeks

Using the Astute Way methodology StrataPrime can deliver quick wins within 8 weeks

Ready to execute

StrataPrime have the methodology, experience and certified TBM Advance Customer Advisor leadership resources available to accelerate reductions immediately

To aid you in your journey, StrataPrime have developed several packages for consulting services, the level of your TBM maturity dictating which package is recommended for you. Our TBM+ engagement options range from a Fully Managed Transformational programme through TBM+ as a Service down to TBM+ Kick Start with the option of designing your own TBM+ Custom model. StrataPrime TBM+ is ideally suited for new implementations to ensure successful outcomes are delivered quickly or to recover existing TBM implementations when expected value outcomes are not delivered.

Level 1
  • Understand & Compare Your IT costs
Level 2
Cost Transparency
  • Know Your Application & Service Costs
Level 3
Business Insights
  • Show Your Costs By Business Unit
Level 4
Bill of IT
  • Analyse Cost, Quality & Utilisation
Level 5
IT Planning
  • Automate Planning & Forecasting

* Within 3-4 weeks a full maturity assessment and delivery timeline is agreed.