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Jamboard: Google’s best kept 'Secret'!



Google makes amazing products for the Enterprise market. Most people are familiar with Google Workspace, or Google Cloud Platform, but Jamboard should equally be a household name, in our opinion.

What is Jamboard?

In its simplest terms, Jamboard is a digital whiteboard, only reimagined for the real-time, geographically dispersed, collaborative world we live in. Jamboard allows team members located anywhere to join ‘jams’ on mobile devices and browsers.

What are the main benefits of Jamboard?

Deploying Google Jamboard can save teams time and get products and ideas to market faster.

  • Integration with Google Workspace (including Drive and Google Meet) means all of a team’s work can exist in one place, easily accessible
  • Present, save, and share ideas with visual, interactive collaboration
  • Intelligent and easy to use, extract value quickly
  • Join ‘jams’ from anywhere, on virtually any device with a screen

See our product page for further details: Jamboard

Which teams can benefit the most from Jamboard?

Jamboard is for any team looking to maximize the benefits of visual and interactive collaboration. We often see marketing teams, agile development teams, product development, and creative teams extract huge value from using Jamboard.

Why does my organization want one?

Whether a team is in the same room using multiple Jamboards, or across the world using the Jamboard app on a mobile device, Jamboard unlocks a team’s creative and productive potential. Jamboard is perfect for remote workers or geographically dispersed teams. Whether it is for brainstorming, agile sessions, or design collabs, Jamboard enables teams to create and solve as if they are in the same room.


Jamboard really is Google’s best kept ‘secret’ product aimed at the Enterprise market. If your organization is already a Google Workspace customer, Jamboard is a product that should be considered for creative teams, or any groups who need to visually collaborate with one another in real-time. If your company doesn’t use Google Workspace, no worries, we can still help! Contact us through the form below, or at sales@strataprime.com.

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