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StrataPrime was onboarded as the Google partner to a leading new media company. We provided the expertise to solve a long-standing issue with C-level targeted email phishing attacks, and a unique spam problem. The customer was extremely happy with the advanced Google Workspace email configurations designed and implemented by StrataPrime. The long-standing email problems were finally resolved.

The Challenge

In addition to targeted phishing attempts directed at C-level executives, the media company also had issues with emails from third party partners being flagged as spam. The situation had become untenable and a solution was needed.

The Solution

StrataPrime assessed and recommended advanced email configuration changes which allowed safe emails to pass through while appending warnings to subject lines of external and suspicious emails to mitigate phishing risks. In addition, StrataPrime provided recommendations on hardening against spoofing attacks. We also assisted with advanced Gmail API scripting to resolve other mail flow and security issues that needed remediation.

The Result

Our expert advice provided the media company with a rock solid and dependable email service, built on Google Workspace. The phishing attacks were fully mitigated, and their 3rd party spam issue was completely fixed. The customer was super happy and relieved with the end result.

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Workplace Transformation Big 5 Canadian Bank
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