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Deploy Chromebooks Faster with Chrome Enterprise Zero-touch Enrollment



As IT teams continue to be asked to do more with less, every ounce of productivity improvement needs to be squeezed out of the existing processes. Chrome Enterprise Zero-touch Enrollment (ZTE) is the new ChromeOS device deployment and provisioning process that allows IT organizations to capture significant cost and time savings by securely drop-shipping devices directly to end users without IT intervention.

What is Chrome Enterprise Zero-touch Enrollment?

When ordering compatible Chromebooks (or any compatible ChromeOS device) through a ZTE capable Google Partner, such as StrataPrime, the device can be drop-shipped directly to any office location, or even an employee’s home address. When the employee receives the compatible ChromeOS device, all they need to do is power it up and login with their corporate credentials. The Zero-touch enrollment process will automatically provision the Chromebook for Chrome Enterprise device management and policy enforcement. Right out of the box!

Why should my organization use Chrome Enterprise ZTE?

Ordering corporate computers for employees and shipping them to a central location to be provisioned is inefficient and unnecessary. Scarce IT resources can be better utilized on more value-added activities. Streamline employee onboarding and save time by leveraging Chrome Enterprise Zero-touch Enrollment.

Is Chrome Enterprise ZTE Secure?

Yes! When a compatible Chromebook (or any compatible ChromeOS device) arrives at its end destination, the device can only be used with the company’s Chrome Enterprise authorized domain. Once an employee logs into the device all the Chrome Enterprise policies enabled by the organization will be immediately applied.

How much does Zero-touch Enrollment Cost?

ZTE is included at no additional cost when you order your compatible Chromebooks (or any compatible ChromeOS device) and Chrome Enterprise licenses through a Zero-touch Enrollment enabled Google Partner, like StrataPrime.

This is Awesome, I want this!

We know you’re going to love this service! Please reach out to us at sales@strataprime.com, or go directly to our Chrome Enterprise Zero-touch Enrollment guru, Steve Woolley. Steve can be reached at steve.woolley@strataprime.com.

Why StrataPrime?

StrataPrime was the first Google Partner in North America to complete a Chrome Enterprise Zero-touch Enrollment project with Acer. We are proud to partner with Acer, the largest manufacturer of Chromebooks globally. We helped pioneer the customer deployment process for ZTE with Acer. We are the most experienced ZTE enabled Google Partner.

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