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In the digital age, IT leaders face the following Cost Control challenges:

  • Balancing run vs change and realising ‘save-to-grow’ strategies
  • Maintaining transparency across vendor estate and IT assets
  • Understanding cost drivers
  • Benchmarking across internal towers and industry peers
  • Effectively communicating the value of IT investments across the business

What is Technology Business Management (TBM)?

TBM is a discipline for running IT as a business. Even if you know very little about it, you may find that your business already applies some aspects of TBM; ranging from grassroots first principles to a fully-fledged TBMO (TBM Office).

  • TBM creates cost transparency across your organisation, allowing for better decision making and cost accountability.

  • TBM utilises a unique cost allocation model called “ATUM” allowing you to translate your spending, consumption and capacity into meaningful perspectives for both business and IT.

  • TBM drives technology transformation through unique insights and heightened data quality

StrataPrime adds TBM value with...

Actionable Insights

Built on our extensive SME knowledge base, we can hunt and execute insights to drive efficiencies, optimise costs and provide reliable support for change decisions. 

StrataPrime's unique Astute Way methodology provides a lightweight approach to engage with Subject Matter Experts, identify and enforce insight KPIs, and embed a transformed business as usual culture.  

Data Management

Data quality is usually a major hindrance, but let's work with what you've got and go from there. Our advanced data analytics expertise means that we can consolidate disparate data sources, build robust runbooks, validate cost allocations – with or without a CMDB. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Our approach has 4 pillars:

  • People: Roles and responsibilities, comms and training.
  • Planning: Vision, targets, execution and tracking.
  • Process: Workflow and operating model design.
  • Technology: Reporting and Dashboards.

Optimise your IT Costs with our Seven Cost Levers

Without a value workstream approach, the value of IT transformation cannot be measured and controlled. Money and resources are spent maintaining the status quo instead of being freed up for innovation. The Seven Cost Levers initiative consolidates data silos, establishes collaboration between stakeholder groups and brings tangible improvement opportunities into the spotlight.

Each lever represents a workstream in which data is captured and analysed through a unique lens to uncover improvement opportunities. As a result, IT leaders gain insight into their spend, can enact better ownership and take better control of their digital initiatives. With the ability to measure the value of transformation, innovation activities are able to flourish. At the end, we provide business cases which can be driven to execution either in a second engagement or at the client’s discretion.

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Our TBM Solutions

TBM User Enablement

Delivering and embedding transformational cultural change through the organisation.


Implementation of products, methodology and people to maximise value outcome success, while keeping the client in control.


All the benefits of a dedicated TBM team with no compromise on your behalf, as a managed service

TBM Configuration Enablement

End-to-end configuration from data gathering and allocations, through to validation, custom reports and implementing a robust  runbook to ensure vision and targets are met. 

The Astute Way – our agile methodology

StrataPrime employ the use of industry recognised methodologies. In this case we would recommend the use of the Scrum based agile sprints commonly associated with product development, where a sprint is a set period of up to 4 weeks during which specific work has to be completed and made ready for review.

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