Technology Business Management (TBM) Technology Business Management (TBM)

Technology Business Management (TBM)

What is TBM?

Technology Business Management (TBM) is the practical, applied discipline for maximising the business value of IT spend. TBM brings together the best practices of financial and performance management supporting fact-based decision-making to drive down costs and improve service efficiency.

Start treating IT as a business

TBM is a discipline that can be applied to any business. All IT organisations can be measured based on their TBM maturity. Even if you know very little about the discipline, you may find that your business already applies some aspects of TBM; ranging from grassroots first principles to a fully-fledged TBMO (TBM Office).

TBM helps you control technology costs

  • Accurately measure your run rate and allocate costs to business units, projects, assets, servers and applications. Without control, technology operating expenses can crowd out innovation; IT cannot justify investments and run spend can spiral out of control.

  • TBM creates cost transparency allowing you to translate your spending, consumption and capacity into meaningful perspectives for both business and technology decision makers to act on.

TBM helps IT and the business articulate technology value

  • Business units can struggle to see the full business value of technology. Unclear allocation of technology costs and unclear cost levers can lead to excessive and poorly controlled accurate view of Technology Services costs and value.

TBM drives IT transformation

  • TBM provides the facts and insights to drive Application Rationalisation, Infrastructure Rationalisation, Cloud Adoption and Digital Transformation.

  • These technology changes provide significant benefits, but can prove to be a challenge for IT and business alike. Organisations often struggle to mobilise delivery to realise the full transformation potential.

TBM Increases Agility

  • Historically business consumers and technology service owners have not been empowered to manage their technology value. In some, business units have created their own shadow IT organisation.

  • TBM bridges the gaps of poor data accuracy and accountability overcoming long budget and forecast cycles. Allowing IT to both defend their budgets and show factual benefits.

TBM Accelerator

TBM Accelerator

  • In only 8 weeks, we analyse your data and processes to bring you guaranteed technology cost optimisation while providing you with the groundwork to begin your TBM journey.



  • In a 12-week engagement, we provide a fully managed service implementation of products, methodology and people to maximise TBM value outcome success


  • In 12 weeks or more, get all the benefits of a dedicated TBMO with no compromise on your behalf; as a service.
    Combines financial and operational data to action strategic insights and deliver transformational change.

Why StrataPrime?

  • An official European and North American Apptio partner, with a resource pool of qualified Apptio TBM practitioners. StrataPrime UK was awarded 2017 European Partner of the Year, further cementing its place as a leading TBM practitioner.

  • StrataPrime are different to other consultancies with the proven methodology, resources and experience to deliver quick wins in as little as 8 weeks with longer term transformational change delivering higher value strategic reductions.

We have a track record of accelerating the delivery of TBM and technology cost optimisation success

  • Typical ROI of 10x investment

  • Have reduced in-scope IT Spend by 25% on average

  • Our technology cost optimisation engagement teams typically pay for themselves every six working days

  • We lead improvements to build out high performing teams and target operating models or, just design and advise.

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