Google Partner & Advisory Services

We are the leading experts in the Secure Deployment and Configuration of Google Services

G Suite Advisory & Google Partner Services

We are your preeminent choice for the integration of G Suite and all other Google products into complex and large Enterprise environments.

We solve the most difficult integration challenges where the highest levels of security are required.

We are experts at hardening G Suite implementations and optimizing Data Loss Prevention configurations to secure corporate document assets and reduce the risk of Data Exfiltration.

In addition to large Enterprise, we also provide our Google Partner services to small and medium sized businesses across all industries.

Coexistence with Google Suite and Microsoft Exchange

Want to create competitive tension with Microsoft or capture the next generation of talent who are more productive with G Suite?

We are the leading experts and pioneers in bringing coexistence to mixed G Suite and Microsoft environments.

We design and implement coexistence in large complex Enterprise environments including companies in industries with strict regulatory compliance requirements like banks.

Typical Customer Outcomes


Reduced risk exposure by way of an improved security posture that aligns to best practices.


Time and money saved by automating the management of onboarding, offboarding and day to day administration.


Improved productivity by integrating with on premise or other 3rd party cloud solutions.

Cost Savings

Optimized cost structure through the elimination of redundant services and more effective license management.

Why Partner with us?

When you select StrataPrime as your Google Partner you’re not just getting licenses. With StrataPrime you’re getting a team of G Suite experts standing behind you to help your organization to be successful and to maximize your Google investments.

We provide rock solid advice, integrity, and dependable service, always.

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