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Google Advisory and Partner Services

Drive your workplace transformation.

G Suite gives businesses a secure, cost-effective way to collaborate.
StrataPrime can show you how.


Innovation requires collaboration

If your business is like most, teams are disconnected, legacy processes can slow work down and remote employees struggle to collaborate. The result? Innovation stagnates.

Adopt the right tools, however, and you can change that story quickly and transform your workplace. StrataPrime can help.


Innovate faster

G Suite’s real-time collaboration solutions help connect teams and remote workers, enabling everyone to find and share information faster. By harnessing their collective wisdom, employees are better able to create innovative solutions.


Deploy tools easily

StrataPrime deployment experts can help you make a smooth transition―for the technology and for the people using it. Our services include:

  • G Suite evaluation, deployment planning and post-deployment support
  • Data migration from on-premises or legacy apps and workflows
  • Mobile devices integration
  • Change management and user-adoption training

What you can expect with G Suite

  • Improved collaboration

    Simple, intuitive tools employees already know to support real-time communication and seamless workflows with legacy systems.

  • Security and control
    A secure environment that meets the highest privacy and security standards with easy management of users, devices and data.
  • Proven cost savings
    A unified, simple-to-use platform ensures lower operating expenses than you’d incur paying for multiple platforms.
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