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Stay in front of the curve

  • A complete digitization of how a company operates and delivers value to its customers is happening and many organizations are already embracing this transformational journey. Organizations cannot afford to be left behind. By introducing Digital Workspace, you’re not just getting ahead of the curve, you’re staying in front of it. In the digital era, a modern organization must leverage the advances in infrastructure technology to free end-users from the constraints of their office desk. Our Digital Workspace expertise can help your organization to lay a rock-solid foundation for your company’s digital transformation.

An engaged workforce outperforms the competition

  • The adoption of Digital Workspace allows employees to be more efficient, more collaborative, and more productive: anywhere and at any time. Instead of being held captive by technology, your employees are now empowered by it. This leads to increased employee satisfaction, creativity, agility, and retention. An improved employee experience drives a better customer experience. This is how an investment in the Digital Workspace can lead to top line revenue growth while achieving expense reductions that will boost your bottom line results.

Optimize business processes

  • A cloud-based Digital Workspace solution streamlines your business operations by substantially lowering maintenance and hardware costs, reducing downtime and improving the overall efficiency of your operations.

Why StrataPrime?

Born in the Cloud, StrataPrime is solely focused on providing modern business technologies while leaving behind the outdated, analog, and legacy solutions of the past. We are experts at helping companies transform in the digital era by removing the inefficiencies of on-premise based workplace solutions. It is our passion to help leaders accelerate, transform, and secure technology in today’s digital age.

We believe that workplace tools are the foundation for collaboration and productivity. StrataPrime provides a choice of Digital Workspace platforms by partnering with all of the major service providers in this space. Using our partnerships, StrataPrime can offer platforms that provide best-in-class solutions for messaging, documents, storage, collaboration, mobility, and identity management.

How we engage

By blending our proven methodology and expertise with best-in-class solutions, we can deliver rapid time-to-value. Our Digital Workspace Quick Start program can have small to medium-sized business up and running within hours or just a few days. For larger enterprises, our Quick Start program can have your organization up and running in as little as 30 days including integration points with your existing security and compliance infrastructure.

If your organization is looking to do something different, in a way that can truly transform how your employees work, going all-in on a cloud-based productivity suite allows you to accelerate the benefits of a Digital Workspace. If you’re interested in learning about how to attract the next generation of talent and to transform how your employees work, subscribe to our newsletter or email us at

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