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Security Fit for a Digital Age

StrataPrime’s security and risk management team consists of a C-Level suite of consultants with countless years of experience across cybersecurity, governance, risk and compliance in order to provide the latest intelligence using current industry insights against the ever-changing threats of the digital age.


The Challenge

StrataPrime’s Aims to Maximising Security Strength

We want to assure the business of attaining maximum value from our wide range of cybersecurity and risk management services. We have 5 key aims we always look to achieve when we help other businesses in order to achieve cultural change and enhanced awareness, whilst mitigating risk through increased security coverage and controls.

  • Build up a layer-by-layer strategy to validate the security of the business’s data and information.
  • Assess and Evaluate your current-state against our Seven A’s operating model, standardising an agile approach.
  • Reduce risk and enhance security coverage by aligning our expertise to industry recognised frameworks.
  • Tailor our expertise  and introduce better awareness and compliance mechanisms against business aims.
  • Continually improve – accelerate, implement and continue assurance against security best practice.

How StrataPrime can help

StrataPrime’s security and risk management team consists of a C-Level suite of consultants across the areas of security, governance, risk and compliance. We provide the latest intelligence based on current industry insights and what we see in today’s digital age.

We have worked with some of the world’s biggest companies in order to tackle and mitigate threats that could compromise and damage an organisation’s systems, processes and people. In order to make our cyber security programs successful, we perform a range of different initiatives including maturity assessments and gap analysis, all of which can be used to drive security and risk management programs across the organisation. This is all done using StrataPrime’s Seven A’s of Cyber Security.

What do I need to achieve a sustained cyber program?

In order to help achieve the ambition of improving your security and maintaining a risk management initiative, you just need to have the security team to help us to govern and accelerate the cyber security programme tailored to the needs of the business. The virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or virtual Information Security Officer (ISO) can then be fulfilled by one of our trusted advisors, overlooking and using industry recognised frameworks to initiate those needs against the seven A’s and in alignment with your choice of service.

The StrataPrime Cyber Security Value Add

  • Risk Management:

    • Cyber security accelerated assurance, as well as sourcing and consolidation of data based insights against the business’s current state.

    • Data validation against the 7 A’s operating model, analysing quality and under/over-allocation of each cyber security aspect.

    • Mitigation of risk through continual improvements via reports and presentations to the steering committee.

  • Business Implementation:

    • Use of executive reporting to prioritise where it matters most, against current vulnerabilities across the organisation.

    • High-level roadmaps and guidelines aligned to best practice frameworks.

    • Governance and enhanced procedures bringing cultural change.
  • Security-Based Continuity:

    • Services offering continued insight into the progress of your organisation’s security stability.

    • Assured advisories through our experienced virtual CISO and ISO roles we have to offer.
    • Awareness schemes built to bring intelligence and reduce human error.

Our Cyber Security and Risk Management Solutions

Cyber Accelerator

We want to use this methodology to help businesses realise the potential they have to build upon a sustainable program which conquers the growing issues against protecting business systems, processes and people. This is all specific to which of the Seven A’s should be of highest priority to the business.

Cyber Improvement Programme

This bespoke service allows the business to tailor their needs to the sustainability of the business, where we can initiate best practice measures and guidance in order to continually improve and deliver, all against our Seven A's Operating Model.

Awareness Advisories

If you want to specifically improve the awareness and knowledge of your end-users in relation to cyber security and mitigating direct threats, we have just the scheme to enable the ‘human gateway’ and allow for maximised mitigation of human error.

Virtual Services

The virtual CISO or ISO, a management role we fulfil in order to govern, maintain and successfully implement our services, as well as the industry-recognised frameworks which come with it, including NIST, ISO27001 and the Cyber Essentials Scheme.

How We Deliver

Seven A's of Cyber Security

StrataPrime executes their services against the Seven A’s model, which are the core aspects of a perfect security posture across the organisation. 

Trusted Advisor

We have some of the best C-Level consultants specialising in cyber security and risk management in order to help you take the best approach in avoiding threats towards the business.

Agility and Accountability

The Astute Way allows us to approach the projects we initiate and support you using an effectively governed manner. Our security team has followed the Astute Way with all the organisations we have worked with, and it allows us to accelerate all the projects we engage with.

Outcomes we typically see

  • A strong level of sustainability across the organisation in terms of security awareness, governance and control.
  • Increased protection, detection and response to events or incidents which occur.
  • Systems process increasingly efficient and maintained against security requirements
  • Full compliance and certification against industry recognised frameworks, including ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Scheme.

Our Success

We have an excellent track record of improving the stability of large organisations in their needs to better establish a protected, organised and continually managed cyber security and risk management system:

  • We moved a large luxury retail company towards an improved security posture, delivering first time driving towards best in class service and support. We assessed their internal enterprise architecture capability, and created a security specific centre of excellence which contained over one hundred different findings and recommendations, provided via a maturity framework.
  • We have successfully led the end to end transformation of Information Security across 4 federated business groups through defining the required target operating model and creating a core service in alignment. The organisation was created in alignment to best practise with in built maturity assurance, driving accountability and responsibility at every level.
  • Global accountability of a global financial business, for enterprise mobility, software configuration and end user computing. We supported the business in building a significant amount of secure automation and robotic process automation (RPA).

We Align our Security Services to Industry Recognised Frameworks

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