Updated 21 November 2018

Personal information collected by StrataPrime may include such information as your IP address, geographic location, computer operating system, and browser type. Specific personal information, such as your name, phone number or email address, is not automatically gathered.

We would only obtain this type of information if you supply it to us by email or by registering for a program or service.

  • We use your IP address to gather broad, aggregated demographic information about visitors to our site
  • We use cookies to determine the browser our visitors use so the site can be designed to work properly with the most common versions of different browsers.
  • We use cookies to estimate our audience size. Your browser is given a unique cookie that helps us determine whether yours is a repeat visit or a first visit.
  • If provided to us, we use your email address to provide you access to documents or services you have requested. We will not send you unsolicited email.

StrataPrime does not use or disclose this personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected. StrataPrime retains personal information only as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – StrataPrime Ltd. Privacy Notice

This privacy notice is in place for the protection of sensitive data and information when
processed, stored or transmitted by StrataPrime. StrataPrime are very focused on the protection
of data in compliance with GDPR, run by the security officers of StrataPrime as well as adhered
to and understood by all employees of StrataPrime. This notice will provide full understanding of
how we protect and process data and information provided by third-parties associated to the
company. This notice is to be brought to the attention of all new third-parties joining StrataPrime
relations or when inquired about by the Data Owners of these introduced third-parties.

Why StrataPrime process your data

StrataPrime holds full responsibility in ensuring full consent from third-parties in allowing
StrataPrime full access to the sensitive data of third-parties. The process of this data and
information provided by third-parties is what helps StrataPrime provide the services to our
clients, supporting the customer driven mindset of all employees of StrataPrime. The data
provided to StrataPrime, especially through clientele, is in the company’s best interest to ensure
it is sued where necessary as key indicators on how we can help our clients and to process and
take action against potential issues arisen. This use of sensitive data means the process will be
managed and kept at the highest level of security in order to make the process of your data
relevant and suitable to the support provided by StrataPrime.

Lawful consent and compliance

StrataPrime will always ensure the consent from third-parties for the use of sensitive data is
up-to-date and reaches the right level of consent from specified third-parties. This will include an
agreement between both parties on the amount of time necessary to use the data handled by
StrataPrime, as well as full adherence to General Data Protection Regulations at all times in
order to ensure third-parties and their data are fully aware of the terms and conditions of use
from StrataPrime. This includes the following all necessary procedures in order to ensure we
consistently follow the General Data Protection Regulations and give all relevant rights to the
third-party, as mentioned below.

In order to ensure compliance with these regulations, there will be regular data awareness
programmes, through the training we provide to our employees, including documentation on the
procedures and action to take following GDPR and Data Protection thoroughly. This will be
maintained and managed to support the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and
information, with the focus on suited personnel which will be classified to handle the relevant
data and information provided by third-parties. Regular review meetings will also be held
between the relevant roles responsible for complying with Data Protection and GDPR, in
relation to our Information Security Management System also, in order to ensure full
understanding of our maintenance of critical data and information held on StrataPrime’s

Personal/Sensitive data obtained by StrataPrime

All personal and sensitive data will abide by the General Data Protection Regulations at all
times and at all costs in order to ensure the data we gather from third-parties is kept secure and
in the up-most classification suited to by the Data Owner. This will be clearly established with
the owners of the sensitive data in order to ensure full assurance and legibility in storing and
processing the data permitted to StrataPrime. This includes following the regulations carefully
and also ensuring that third-parties also understand and comply with GDPR in accordance with
justifying their reasoning for handing data over to the interests of StrataPrime.

The rights of the Data Owner

Those established as Data Owners from the third-parties StrataPrime hold as extremely
important will have the full understanding from all employees of StrataPrime relating to the rights the Data Owners hold when permitting StrataPrime to the access of the data and information. These rights are classified below and must be fully communicated between both relative parties. Third-Parties who give StrataPrime consent in the process and storage of sensitive data will
have the following rights:

  • Clear communications and agreements on the full consent of third-parties in allowing
    StrataPrime to process and store external critical data.
  • StrataPrime give all rights to the Owner of Data and Critical Assets with the following
    regulations- the right to: Access, Be Informed, Erasure, Restriction of Processing and
    Access, Data Portability, Rectification and Adjustment, Objection and Related and
    Automated decision-making.
  • Ensure StrataPrime keep internal records of the data they use and erase in relation to
    the Data Owners and their rights to information on how their data is processed and
    stored through the StrataPrime ecosystem.
  • StrataPrime’s use of security officers in handling the Data Protection sector, acting or
    enrolling as a Data Protection Officer to ensure management of sensitive data in which
    StrataPrime are given access to by third-parties.
  • The consent from the Data Owner’s permission for StrataPrime’s use of data can be
    withdrawn whenever they feel is necessary, requesting for final copies of all sensitive
    data to the Data Owner and for all data to be destroyed by StrataPrime when no longer
    needed. This decision will be understood and completely authorised immediately by
    StrataPrime security officers, wiping all relevant data which the Data Owners wish to be
    erased terminally.
  • Data Owners also have the right to make formal complaints or suggestions based on the
    management and security of their sensitive data from StrataPrime’s ecosystems. This
    will be taken as a matter of urgency by the company and taken action upon as soon as

Contacting us

Should you have any questions about StrataPrime’s privacy policy, please contact us at

© StrataPrime Ltd. 2018 GDPR Privacy Notice

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