Technology and End User Support Transformation

Customer Profile
The largest Canadian chapter of an international charity with over 75 employees spread out across several offices in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Challenge
The charity had limited funding for IT with a growing dependence on technology to operate social programs.  Limited end user support and aging technology platforms were significantly impacting staff productivity and morale.

How StrataPrime Helped
Through volunteer work and significantly reduced rates StrataPrime structured a portfolio of IT services to meet the Charity’s needs and modernize its technology environment and capabilities:

  • In order to deprecate an aging email system Strataprime partnered with Google to offer email and a productivity platform at no cost.
  • To address the need for a scalable CRM system to manage patients  StrataPrime Partnered with Intuit to provide a cloud based patient care solution at a deep charitable discount.
  • In order to stabilize the remaining technology elements in use by the charity and restore staff productivity StrataPrime provided high touch onsite end user support services.

The Result
The charity has completely modernized its IT environment by leveraging cloud based solutions for email, productivity CRM and patient care. Patient information has been secured and staff productivity and morale restored.

Following the complete transformation of IT services the Charity is now recognized as a technology leader among its peer organizations and has been able to significantly grow its social programs to provide greater service to its community.

Project Details

  • Client: International Charity
  • Tasks: Technology and End User Support Transformation
  • Country: Canada