BYOD Rollout For a Large Financial Institution

Customer Profile
Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with more than 85,000 employees in offices around the world, this large bank offers a full range of financial products and services to approximately 24 million customers worldwide.  Like many large Financial Institutions, the rapid decline of BlackBerry and employee demand for greater mobile device choice and enhanced productivity tools prompted the bank to accelerate a modernization of its employee smartphone strategy.

The Challenge
In 2013 there were strong doubts about whether BlackBerry would survive, and that represented a single point of failure with the existing Corporate-owned and Liable (CL) smartphone program. A new strategy and program that mitigated the BlackBerry risk and offered more device choice to employees was needed. Rather than a cost savings initiative, the bank’s focus was to mobile enable more employees and build a foundation for offering wider services in future, without increasing mobility costs.

How StrataPrime Helped
Over a two year period from project inception through to full North American wide roll out (30,000 employees invited), StrataPrime has advised the bank on the BYOD model, reimbursement levels and eligibility, policy content, and analysis of historic mobility spend. We also were key participants in the negotiations with telecom carriers (for employee cell phone plans) and the mobile device management (MDM) service provider, advising on strategy, requirements and target rates. StrataPrime also led the design, development oversight and testing of a custom employee enrollment portal for all mobile access, which maximises the bank’s ability to configure employee eligibility to access corporate devices, BYOD licences, and reimbursements for personal plan costs.

The Result
In a recent employee survey, 92% of BYOD participants said they have had a positive experience with the program, and 49% said the BYOD program had favourably impacted their perception of the bank as an employer.  As of June 2015, approximately 14,000 employees are using BYOD to access their work information on a personal smartphone or tablet.

Project Details

  • Client: A Top 5 Canadian bank
  • Tasks: BYOD Strategy and Rollout
  • Country: Canada