Alternative Smartphone Strategy

Customer Profile
StrataPrime assists A Top 3 British banking company headquartered in London. A universal bank with operations in retail, wholesale and investment banking, as well as wealth management, mortgage lending and credit cards. Operations in over 50 countries and territories with around 48 million customers and 250k employees.

The Challenge
The bank’s historic Corporate Smartphone offering, circa 44k Corporate Blackberry’s, was limited by design to keep it cost effective and ensure control but lacked the ability to strategically drive enhanced productivity and increase customer satisfaction that is now seen in the consumer space and employees relate to.

As mobile technology has evolved, alternative offerings have matured to a position where the top 3 UK Bank no longer needed to manage their estate in this manner for the majority of use cases. Mobile and smart device products resonate with employees at an emotive level more so than any other kind of end user facing technology.

The Bank now wished to increase productivity, increase its mobile userbase (headcount circa 250k) whilst at the same time significantly reduce their reliance on a costly and unproductive Corporate Smartphone offering. An alternative offering was to be designed and delivered which not only enhanced productivity but also increased customer satisfaction. The program was to be delivered as a ‘zero cost’ activity with full ROI built into any transformational program.

All of the above had to adhere to strict regulatory and compliance standards laid out by the various regulatory bodies in all the Global territories this program touched.

How StrataPrime Helped
In undertaking a full review of the technology offering and costings the top 3 UK Bank were, for the first time, able to understand the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their Corporate Smartphone offering.  Multiple alternative solutions were designed and submitted to leadership, each with varying degrees of operational risk and subsequent operational and financial benefits.  A successful model was selected which reduced cost (in excess of £10m saved over 5 years), moved the Bank away from a single point of failure offering, improved customer satisfaction, reduced support overhead and via a branding and awareness campaign, near doubled the mobile user base across the firm. A significant program was stood up which undertook the following high level items; stakeholder engagement, product onboarding, branding, communication, operational transition and knowledge transfer. The program was fully funded by the savings being derived from the new Alternative Smartphone offering.

The Result
The top 3 UK Bank are now an industry leader in the mobile space with headline achievements being; doubling the number of employees accessing corporate resources via a Smartphone, a significant suite of productivity increasing mobile products deployed and the largest corporate Wi-Fi Network in Europe rolled out to all locations. The net result seeing the achievement of all objectives laid out at initial engagement.

Project Details

  • Client: A Top 3 British bank
  • Tasks: Smartphone Strategy
  • Country: Global