StrataPrime launches new website
Daniel Waugh Technology Consultant
Redesigned website showcases the company’s work, defines the company’s core capabilities and pulls together its marketing strategy.

On Friday 26th October, StrataPrime launched its new website. The site puts emphasis on news and insights while cementing StrataPrime consultants as thought leaders in digital transformation. It also features a new design which pulls together modern styles with current brand colours.

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Colin Woodford, Director of Infrastructure Transformation, hopes to create a content marketing platform that will draw readers from across the industry that are genuinely interested in consuming insights and knowledge from StrataPrime’s arsenal of experts. Furthermore, services are shown to be consolidated and streamlined, making it clear what the consultancy does best.


The new site also features a news section, improved navigation, detailed people profiles and showcases client success stories. In future, the site will feature a portal for StrataPrime Associate Consultants, allowing them to log in and access a forum and network of consultants working out in the field.

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