A retrospective look at TBMS 2018
Chris Anson
Chris Anson Consultant, Marketing & PR

You might remember that TBMS18 took place on 14th June and was a resounding success for us, with fantastic talks, presentations and conversations with other TBM experts.

Throughout the event we had ample opportunity to meet with attendees from a range of organisations; some well established within the TBM space and some yet to begin their TBM journey. Hearing from these different viewpoints really adds perspective to what we do day-to-day, especially as we hear very familiar stories time and time again from all different kinds of organisations.

Having been with StrataPrime only a few short weeks, this gave me an ideal environment to dive in and find out what the “crack” was. The whole team learned a lot from each other on the day, with special attention going towards how to approach people and open up a conversation. It really hammered home the value of attending events and growing your network.

A particular highlight was a set of talks around TBM and business management, ended with a very insightful presentation from Eddie Obeng (of TED Talk fame). Other highlights included “Fuelling Agility” from Anil Cheriyan, chairman of the TBM council and “Lessons Today’s Tech Leaders Must Embrace to Drive Business Velocity” from Jim Dubois, former CIO of Microsoft. It was great to meet so many professionals who’ve really switched on to the value and power of TBM and optimised IT spending. The space is rapidly growing as more and more businesses face challenges year on year with their IT spend and efficiency.

Consolidating post event, we all swapped notes and discussed our highlights. We got a lot out of the event and, internally, it was considered a great success! The number of attendees surprised us considering the general consensus that TBM is a niche area.

After the day finished, we were all whisked off to the “Majestic Masque” masquerade event at the Banqueting House, Whitehall. Featuring an opera singer, exceptional costumes and a chance to catch up with the Apptio team, it was a great way to round off the day.

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