Use Chrome Enterprise to Prevent Data Exfiltration
Paul Melnyk Founder, President & CEO

Deploying G Suite in a large organization can often pose a challenge because the core G Suite services share the same URLs as consumer services. Blocking access to consumer accounts typically involve changes to network infrastructure which can take valuable time and resources. With Chrome Enterprise, you can quickly block sign-ins to personal Google accounts in three easy steps, reducing data exfiltration risk.

  • Set Chrome as a default browser
  • Enroll Chrome browsers for Cloud management
  • Configure policy to only allow sign-ins from G Suite domains

This solution is quick and easy and it leverages the capability and security of the Google Chrome Browser. Combine this solution with Google Chromebooks to experience the power of complete endpoint protection that is class leading by any measurement.

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Written by Paul Melnyk and Brian Kim

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Paul Melnyk
Founder, President & CEO
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