Protect Sensitive Emails in G Suite with Gmail Confidential Mode
Paul Melnyk Founder, President & CEO

Google changes the game in G Suite with Gmail Confidential Mode! Sharing sensitive information with a third party that only needs temporary or one time access can be challenging because once emails are sent, we can’t get them back. These challenges are now a thing of the past with Gmail Confidential Mode.

Gmail Confidential Mode allows you to share confidential messages with third parties while still retaining control over the messages. Emails can be set to expire at a predefined time or access to recipient removed at any time. Confidential mode emails cannot be copied, downloaded, forwarded or printed by the recipient.

You can start using Gmail confidential mode today by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your Gmail inbox
  2. Click on compose
  3. Click on the icon for Confidential Mode

  1. Set the expiration date
  2. Choose to set a passcode or not and click save. If you decide to use a passcode, make sure to enter the recipient phone number and not your own.

For more information visit this Google link.

Written by StrataPrime Google Expert Sammy Ehikpehae.

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