Google GSuite and Office 365/Exchange coexistence in 8 Short Weeks
Paul Melnyk
Paul Melnyk Founder, President & CEO


Why care about G Suite and Office 365 Coexistence?

As an organisation’s digital workplace evolves, it is a best practice to segment employees into ‘personas’. Each defined persona will have a different set of tools that they will require to perform their job. For many employee personas G Suite may make sense over Office 365. For example, the next generation of employee talent has ‘grown up’ with Google and they are most familiar and productive with G Suite. Since Google owns roughly 70% of the education market, many fresh grads have never even used Microsoft Office. To attract the best talent, organisations will need to offer certain personas a choice of tool. G Suite and Office 365 will need to work in harmony. In addition, a dual vendor strategy makes sense for productivity tools since it represents a significant spend. Create competitive tension with Microsoft by introducing G Suite into your environment.

Week 1: Collaboration and Messaging

At the end of week one we will have the basic configuration of G Suite completed. This includes all of the productivity applications except Gmail and Calendar. In scenarios where integration with Office 365 is not required for email (e.g. use of a different domain from Office 365) the end of week one configuration will also include basic mail flow and Calendar. Also included by the end of week one is the on-boarding of up to 50 early adopters. We typically recommend that early adopters come from the IT group, or select employees from lines of business who are comfortable being technology early adopters. Lastly, in week one we will work with your organisation to develop POC success criteria.

Features (Summary)

  • All productivity apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings)
  • Full document sharing with Google Drive and real time document collaboration
  • Hangouts chat messaging and team rooms
  • Meets full web based conference service with document sharing, dial-out, and collaboration
  • Basic security configuration
  • Email and Calendar if separate domain from Office 365

Week 4: Infrastructure Integration

At the end of week four we will have completed the basic infrastructure integrations required within your organisation’s environment to align identity, authentication, and access security policies.

Infrastructure Integrations (Example)

  • ADFS
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Google Identity Services
  • Single Sign-on
  • Begin testing integration with Office 365 or Exchange mail flow (technical project team only)
  • Begin calendar integration testing (technical project team only)
  • On-board an additional 50 early adopters

Total G Suite users at the end of week four ~100

Week 6: Mail, Archiving, DLP, and Mobile

At the end of week six, we will have completed the advanced mail flow between G Suite and Office 365 along with all required integrations. All email will be archived using the organization’s existing archive solution or Google Vault or both. This also includes the organisation’s existing eDiscovery application and infrastructure. We will configure up to 2 advanced DLP configurations and all applicable out-of-the-box DLP configurations. Lastly, we will implement basic mobile device management policies.

Additional Features Live (Summary)

  • Email and Calendar (same domain as O365)
  • Archiving, compliance, eDiscovery
  • Data loss prevention
  • Secure access to G Suite mobile apps

Total G Suite users at the end of week six ~150


Week 8: Evaluation and Next Steps

At the end of 8 weeks we will work with your organisation to evaluate the G Suite and Office 365 / Exchange coexistence success against the criteria developed in week one of the POC. We will generate all the required reporting from G Suite to assess adoption. We will survey users to obtain end user feedback. We will assist with the creation of a basic business case to secure funding for expansion from POC to a production supported system.

Total G Suite users at the end of week eight ~200

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