Uncertainty: G Suite or Office 365
Paul Melnyk Founder, President & CEO

It has been a while now since I have felt compelled to put pen to proverbial paper and write a blog. As experts in Cloud productivity tools, we base our go to market strategy on providing our clients choice. When it comes to workplace productivity platforms, that choice is typically G Suite or Office365. On-premise options are effectively dead.

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) is a game that is played out by stakeholders in the workplace productivity ecosystem. We hear things like “Google G Suite is not secure” or “Microsoft doesn’t get the Cloud”. I’d like to declare once and for all that, either G Suite or Office365 will get the job done with high availability and with a security posture that’s likely much better than what your company has today.

Maybe a few years ago, this declaration would have been laughed at. However, we believe that technology choices have been democratised and either choice is a good one; this is regardless of whether your company is a small business or a large enterprise. Even if your company operates in a highly regulated business, like Financial Services, I stand behind this (bold?) declaration.

Lately we have started to see an interesting new trend: we have a growing number of customers, big and small, who are looking to provide their employees with a choice of experience. In other words, letting the employee chose if they are more productive with G Suite or Office365.

When you say these words out loud, I admit, it sounds a bit crazy. The ‘old school’ big bank IT guy in me gravitates to questions like “what about interoperability and total cost of ownership?” However, we need to remove the barriers from our past and think differently in order to continue to attract talent and remain relevant employers. Fear not, though, there are cost-effective methods to make a ‘pick your productivity experience’ scenario work. Now that IS bold!

StrataPrime is pleased to offer our own employees a choice of platform. We’ve been doing this for years now without any interoperability issues. Most recently we’ve been helping one of North America’s largest banks conduct a proof of concept for operating in a mixed Office365/G Suite environment. What we’ve seen so far is some robust demand for productivity platform choice, particularly with younger employees and recent graduates.

If you’re looking to do something different at your company, in a way that can truly transform how your employees work, don’t let FUD in the marketplace determine your organization’s journey towards workplace change and innovation.

Going all-in on Cloud with Office365, G Suite, or even a combination of both, are the best available options to accelerate workplace productivity and transformation.

If you’re interested in figuring out how to attract the generation of talent and to transform how your employees work, please reach out to me on LinkedIn, or at paul.melnyk@strataprime.com.

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Founder, President & CEO
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