The Rise of Low-code and No-code App Dev

Not so long ago, the skills required to build applications were very specialized. Anyone with an idea for an app, automated process, or simply to store and analyze data, needed to hire someone.

G Suite Success Stories

At StrataPrime we don’t just sell customers Google licenses and then call again only when it is time for a renewal. We stick around to help our customers achieve the value that they were expecting.

Mobile and your Workplace of the Future

If your organization has not done so already it is time to expand mobility. A broad eligibility definition across BYOD and corporate-owned programs is required to get to the next level.

Uncertainty: G Suite or Office 365

Paul Melnyk explains why on-premise options are effectively dead when it comes to workplace productivity platforms.

Infrastructureless: a cloud-based IT future.

The cloud is starting to become the norm across business today, but how can your transformation to infrastructureless applications be made easier?

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