Care Teams

Frictionless collaboration and productivity tools that support HIPAA-compliance

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Healthcare and Life Sciences
secure solutions that streamline patient care and research

Provide healthcare workers with secure solutions that streamline patient care and keep the entire care team on the same page from anywhere

Strataprime HIPAA-compliant

Gmail, Google Drive and Docs all support HIPAA-compliant access to patient information.

Strataprime Make mobile healthcare easier
Make mobile healthcare easier

Create care team chat groups in Google Chat to keep remote teams connected from anywhere. Mobile apps for Android and iOS make it easy to access and update information from any device.

Strataprime Improve patient experience
Improve patient experience

Start every visit by having patients complete online Google Forms surveys to provide their intake information. Forms data goes straight into Google Sheets where doctors and nurses can add their own notes. Staff members see the information in real time and can follow up with patients immediately.

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