Google Meet Series One

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Strataprime cube
Strataprime cube

What can Series One do for you?

The Series One family is the modern answer to the whiteboard. With vibrant touch screens, integrated Google Meet software, and USB-C laptop connectivity, Board 65 and Desk 27 are cornerstones of the modern conference room. This is the digital whiteboard, revolutionized.

Strataprime hardware

Always ready

Built from the ground up for Google Meet, Board 65 and Desk 27 make it easy to jump into your next meeting with a single touch. See your daily schedule at a glance via Google Calendar, or set up impromptu meetings with intuitive controls.

Take collaboration and communication to the next level with the ultimate digital whiteboard. Series One brings clarity and immersion to every meeting.

Strataprime Unmatched accessibility
Unmatched accessibility

Remotely manage Series One devices directly through the Google Workspace admin console and gain instant access to insightful meeting analytics powered by Google AI.

Strataprime Device Compatibility
Device Compatibility

Connect any laptop over USB-C to enhance your experience. Use your device to control Series One devices, instantly share content to meetings, and even use video apps on your laptop like Zoom and Teams.

Strataprime Jamboard Compatible
Jamboard Compatible

Run the Jamboard app on Board 65 or Desk 27 for powerful and intuitive digital whiteboarding. Use the stylus to draw, take notes, organize ideas, and much more. Then instantly share your Jam with meeting participants via Google Drive.

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