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Strataprime cube
Strataprime cube

Why Google Jamboard for your office?

Jamboard is the modern meeting room answer to the whiteboard. With a 55" 4K touchscreen and full integration with Google Workspace products, Jamboard brings unlimited collaboration to your teams.

Strataprime hardware

Real-time collaboration

Jamboard combines hardware and software into one intuitive experience. Make Jamboard the centerpiece of your meeting space and bring your ideas to life using the stylus and touch display. Go beyond the office by inviting collaborators to join your jam from anywhere using their own device. The digital whiteboard reimagined.

Take marketing and product development idea sessions and planning to the next level with the ultimate digital whiteboard that's perfect for agile teams

Strataprime Present in stunning 4K
Present in stunning 4K

At the center of the Jamboard experience is the 55" 4k touchscreen display. Use the included stylus to quickly navigate and communicate using Jamboard's digital whiteboard interface.

Strataprime Smart recognition
Smart recognition

Use the stylus to write or draw on Jamboard and see how Google's AI-powered recognition can identify characters and objects and transform them into text or images from a huge library of clip art.

Strataprime Workspace integration
Workspace integration

Jamboard has full integration with every aspect of Google Workspace. Easily share information by adding Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets to any jam. Start, schedule, or join a Google Meet using Meet and Calendar with Jamboard's built-in camera and microphone.

Strataprime Bring Chrome to the big screen
Bring Chrome to the big screen

With built-in Chromecast features, Jamboard lets you wirelessly stream from Chrome devices directly to the 55" display.

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