G Suite Automation

StrataPrime offers several solutions to automate G Suite administration

Fully Automated G-Suite Administration

StrataPrime offers powerful tools for automated domain administration and user-management, giving G Suite admins a simple way to keep users and data secure without interrupting workflow. 

  • Onboarding
    • Group membership
    • Folder/file access
    • Contacts
  • Offboarding
    • Data migration
    • Real-time reporting
  • Signature management
  • Sharing/access permissions


Script Based Semi-Automated Services

StrataPrime offers script development services allowing semi-automated processes for user onboarding, offboarding, data migration, and archived user management. Using the G Suite admin APIs we can enable you to cut out time-consuming administrative tasks by removing manual tasks and automating them in the background. StrataPrime offers both a library of pre-existing scripts for common processes, as well as offering custom scripting services written to fit the requirements of any client.


One-Time Process Automation

StrataPrime offers scripts for one-time processes such as mass Google Drive data migrations, ex-employee cleanup, and mass user archiving. As with semi-automated services, StrataPrime offers a variety of pre-configured processes as well as custom scripting service according to client specifications.

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Principal Architect, Google Cloud
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