Awareness Checklist

Your Strategic Journey is about to begin so make sure your target audience is on the bus.

I have seen both clients and companies create some really innovative strategies in answer to some of todays most disruptive trends. Each and every time I see significant investment made in both the defining of the strategic approach and the investment in the technology itself which is fantastic but more often than not the funding drops off when it comes to customer, colleague or partner awareness and or education. This never fails to amaze me because with out these people our strategy no matter how joined up and innovative will fall flat.

Having seen programmes and projects alike stall during deployment because lack of awareness or a mismatch in expectations I have created a check list which can be used for any end user impacting transformation initiative.

I hope that you get some value from this simple checklist to help you shape and build a rock solid vehicle that will help you gain the delivery success that your very expensive and well through out strategy deserves!

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